• PB&J Concert Series

    Things that you Didn’t Know about the PB&J Concert Series

    There are a lot of events that happen across the globe every single day. When an event takes place, not all good things come together, something or the other messes up. The City of Kenosha is, however, an exception to it. A great source to keep the people updated about the event, the right kind of performers to entertain and the best ambiance to enjoy it. This is what is catered by the trio that comprises of The City of Kenosha, PB&J concert and Happenings Magazine. Let’s get to something more about them.

    PB&J Concert Series

    The City Of Kenosha and PB&J concert series:

    • PB&J concert, as they are globally known, is the abbreviated form of Peanut Butter and Jam Concert Series. PB&J is a concert series that takes place in the city of Kenosha. The city of Kenosha is located on the shore of Lake Michigan.
    • The Kenosha shoreline is a mini city. It offers almost all features such as spas, beaches, parks, events and festival places. One among them the events is the PB&J concert series.
    • PB&J organizes a series of musical performances. Their choice of songs for performing on stage is not specific. They randomly pick any song of any era and perform it for the visitors of the City of Kenosha. Though you will have to pay to enjoy the events, you are freely admitted into the City of Kenosha.
    • These performances usually happen during the summer vacation. One among these summer band performances is the PB&J concert series. These summer band performances are usually put on the American Legion band, but comparatively, PB&J has better followers. Since there is a warm welcoming for the PB&J concerts, they are performed as series almost all throughout the year.
    • The city of Kenosha collaborates with a magazine brand called ‘Happenings’ to fund the event. The organizers of the event at the city of Kenosha list the event and it globally with the help of Happenings magazine. There is a little that you might to know about this Happenings Magazine.
    • The city of Kenosha is not a private property. It is taken care by the local authorities, in most cases by the mayor of the city.

    Happenings Magazine:

    • Happenings Magazine comes as a monthly publication that lists the major events that are happening across the globe. This magazine has been around since 1969. It also talks about various tourism, travel, and spots that have a major tourist attraction.
    • Happenings Magazine is an event calendar. It assists you in deciding the places you would like to go on a tour or the events that you might love to visit. You can also easily keep track of them.
    • The Happenings magazine is also available in the digital format. The best part is you need not have to install or download any software. This digital format is made available to enhance the reading experience.

    Now that you know when, where and how, never forget to block few passes to enjoy the PB&J concerts at the City of Kenosha