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    Top 5 Loop Apps available on iOS Platform

    Loop apps are the best things in the iStore. It is a great app for the ones who love to have fun with music. You can create any kind of mash up, mixers and music jams on the go. All you need is an iDevice and the app. So here are the top 5 loop apps available on the iOS platform.

    Loop Apps

    Native Instruments iMaschine:

    One among the fun filled apps in the iDevice is Native Instruments that can combine programs like DrumJam and percussion loops. The best part is that you can do it on the go, like when you are traveling, eating and so on. It helps you to build hip-hop grooves, pounding techno rhythms and sketch out percussion parts. This app calls it a ‘groove sketchpad,’ a name that better explains its functions. It features 16 virtual pads that can be loaded with 25 different kits which contain around 400 samples. The software costs around $4.99 and there are other in-app purchases available.


    iElectribe is an iOS port if Korg’s hardware classic the Electribe-R. Along with the PCM synth channels, it also features a four-part percussion. All these channels can be through an inbuilt step sequencer. There are around 8 in-app effects that can also be used to make the music better. The special Gorillaz version of iElectribe is also available now. The app is available for $19.99.

    Akai Professional iMPC:

    Acclaimed as the best beat making tool of all time, it is an iOS version of iMPC developed by Retronyms. This software can be used as a part of a bigger setup such as Retronyms table top workspace. It has inter-app audio compatibility which helps you to switch between different music apps and extract music. Though the mobile version is not as great as the desktop version, it is still fun. There are more than 1200 samples and the app costs around $2.99

    Sonosaurus DrumJam:

    Almost all of us are aware of ThumbJam, developed by Sonosaurus. Now DrumJam is nothing but the percussion counterpart of ThumbJam, again a product of Sonosaurus. It allows you to drag and drop a wide selection of sampled percussion instruments and then jam the loops using the touch interface. It has a lot of options like a filter, pitch, bend, delay, reverb, lofi, and distortion effects. It is available for $7.99.

    Beep Street Impaktor:

    Impaktor is a semi-modular drum synth app. It can convert your finger drumming into a drum line through the built-in mic of the device. This is the coolest option that any app can provide. You can create complex rhythm sections by using the six percussive tracks. So your tracks can be layered on the top of one another. The app is both Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio compatible too. It is available for $4.99.