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    The Top 3 Drummers Ever!

    A drummer is a percussionist who can create music with drums. You can have ensemble well-trained instrumentalists and experienced musicians in your band, but one can create the impact that a drummer can create. The role of a drum can form the base part of the music, while your pianos and guitars take it to the next level. But remember the roof cannot stand alone without the basement. The liking for guitars and pianos have risen so much so that we do not even realize the importance of knowing the role of a drummer in a troop. If the drums go wrong, the whole piece of music will find its way to the trash.

    None of us, except a very few, are attracted to drummers, like we are to the other instrumentalists. The greatest musical works of the history wouldn’t have been possible without the role of drummers. Rock, pop, Jazz, R&B and many other types of music will never get close to perfection without the role of drums in it.  So here we are listing the top 3 drummers ever in history.


    Top three drummers ever!

    John Bonham:

    Nicknamed as Bonzo, John Bonham is celebrated as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. He is still a great source of inspiration for all the young talents who aspire to become great musicians. He showcased great ability in playing drums at a tender age of 5. He would transform any household article into an instrument and run around playing music. He became a part of the rock band Led Zeppelin in the year 1968 and rest as they say is history.

    Neal Peart:

    Neal Peart is a Canadian-American musician who was known for his work as a drummer and a primary lyricist for the rock band Rush. He received numerous accolades and rewards for his musical performances. However, the biggest of all was his induction into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, in the year 1983. A Rush concert is never complete without Neal Peart’s participation.

    Keith Moon:

    Keith Moon was widely acclaimed as one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock. He lived during the mid-1900s. It was during his period in which the drums went beyond the point of a mere supporting instrument to an instrument of better significance. He was quite different when compared to the drummers of his era. He was a part of an English Rock Band The Who. His styles are still praised by critics and musicians alike.

    With no doubt, we can call drummers the backbone of their bands.