• Alphabet Soup

    Alphabet Soup: All you have to know About this Mac Software

    Mac is a series of personal computers originally introduced by Steve Jobs under the banner Macintosh. After Apple.Inc took over Macintosh in the year 1998, and it was renamed as Mac. Mac develops a lot of experimental software that is designed to cater the requirements of various users. Alphabet Soup is among them. Though only the trial versions were released, it garnered a lot of positive reviews. Alphabet Soup is a music player, DJ player, and mixer with effects. Alphabet Soup is developed by Oz Music Code. The Mac OC x 10.2 version or anything later to it will support this software.

    Alphabet Soup

    What Alphabet Soup does exactly?

    • Alphabet Soup is a software package that lets you play audio files from your computer’s keyboard. The idea is that is that the software takes input from the commands that the user generates through keyboards.
    • There is an on-screen representation of the keyboard, and you can drag and drop your audio files there. If you can type and send word documents, work on excel and design presentations with the help of a keyboard, then playing music can also be made as simple as that with the help of Alphabet Soup.
    • It is also a DJ mixer. You can create loops, pull out musical pieces and create your own composition. The point is that you can do it both professionally and recreationally. This process is carried out by the ‘beat making’ application in Alphabet Soup.
    • If music happens to be your passion, then Alphabet Soup would be your best companion. Because you can upload music in any format but what is so great about it. It gets better as you read. You can upload any music files in any format and play them all simultaneously. You were not expecting it, were you?
    • Upload any kind of music, be it hits, beats or songs either in pieces or the whole file, you can combine them all and play it simultaneously. Your software is so efficiently designed that it can merge the functions of one application and a music player application.
    • The number of keyboard windows on the screen doesn’t matter. You can have as many as you want and use them simultaneously. This means Alphabet Soup can do multitasking and still listen to the multiple point commands of the user.
    • The user can control the volume and the stereo sound for every sound. The sounds can be loaded to the keyboard, and they can be increased and decreased with a single control point.
    • You need not have to be digitally smart to work with Alphabet Soup, as it has a simple and friendly interface. The software is available for free download on the developer’s website. Just give it a try and see for yourself the versatility of the software.