Alphabet Soup

Allows you to play audio files from your computers' keyboard.


Use Alphabet Soup to play tracks in any order.


Use Alphabet Soup to supplement live sets.


Use Alphabet Soup to produce remix tracks.

Performing Artists

Use Alphabet Soup to play backing tracks.

Intuitive Interface

If you can type an email, you can make music with Alphabet Soup.

Post Production

Use Alphabet Soup to audition sound effects.


Use Alphabet Soup to trigger sound effects and theme music.

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Alphabet Soup is a fun “beat” making application. It allows you to trigger loops of musical phrases to create new compositions. Play short single drum hits like a drum machine, sound effects, sound “bites”, or entire MP3 songs, simultaneously or in any combination.

Alphabet Soup allows you to control the volume and the stereo pan for each sound. You do not have to be a digital audio expert to use Alphabet Soup. You can play nearly any formats of sound files together at the same time. You can play 8, 16, and 24 bit WAV, AIFF, SND and MP3 files at the same time automatically.

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Top 5 Loop Apps available on iOS Platform

Loop Apps

Loop apps are the best things in the iStore. It is a great app for the ones who love to have fun with music. You can create any kind of mash up, mixers and music jams on the go. All you need is an iDevice and the app. So here are the top 5 loop apps available on the iOS platform.

Loop Apps

Native Instruments iMaschine:

One among the fun filled apps in the iDevice is Native Instruments that can combine programs like DrumJam and percussion loops. The best part is that you can do it on the go, like when you are traveling, eating and so on. It helps you to build hip-hop grooves, pounding techno rhythms and sketch out percussion parts. This app calls it a ‘groove sketchpad,’ a name that better explains its functions. It features 16 virtual pads that can be loaded with 25 different kits which contain around 400 samples. The software costs around $4.99 and there are other in-app purchases available.


iElectribe is an iOS port if Korg’s hardware classic the Electribe-R. Along with the PCM synth channels, it also features a four-part percussion. All these channels can be through an inbuilt step sequencer. There are around 8 in-app effects that can also be used to make the music better. The special Gorillaz version of iElectribe is also available now. The app is available for $19.99.

Akai Professional iMPC:

Acclaimed as the best beat making tool of all time, it is an iOS version of iMPC developed by Retronyms. This software can be used as a part of a bigger setup such as Retronyms table top workspace. It has inter-app audio compatibility which helps you to switch between different music apps and extract music. Though the mobile version is not as great as the desktop version, it is still fun. There are more than 1200 samples and the app costs around $2.99

Sonosaurus DrumJam:

Almost all of us are aware of ThumbJam, developed by Sonosaurus. Now DrumJam is nothing but the percussion counterpart of ThumbJam, again a product of Sonosaurus. It allows you to drag and drop a wide selection of sampled percussion instruments and then jam the loops using the touch interface. It has a lot of options like a filter, pitch, bend, delay, reverb, lofi, and distortion effects. It is available for $7.99.

Beep Street Impaktor:

Impaktor is a semi-modular drum synth app. It can convert your finger drumming into a drum line through the built-in mic of the device. This is the coolest option that any app can provide. You can create complex rhythm sections by using the six percussive tracks. So your tracks can be layered on the top of one another. The app is both Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio compatible too. It is available for $4.99.

Alphabet Soup: All you have to know About this Mac Software

Alphabet Soup

Mac is a series of personal computers originally introduced by Steve Jobs under the banner Macintosh. After Apple.Inc took over Macintosh in the year 1998, and it was renamed as Mac. Mac develops a lot of experimental software that is designed to cater the requirements of various users. Alphabet Soup is among them. Though only the trial versions were released, it garnered a lot of positive reviews. Alphabet Soup is a music player, DJ player, and mixer with effects. Alphabet Soup is developed by Oz Music Code. The Mac OC x 10.2 version or anything later to it will support this software.

Alphabet Soup

What Alphabet Soup does exactly?

  • Alphabet Soup is a software package that lets you play audio files from your computer’s keyboard. The idea is that is that the software takes input from the commands that the user generates through keyboards.
  • There is an on-screen representation of the keyboard, and you can drag and drop your audio files there. If you can type and send word documents, work on excel and design presentations with the help of a keyboard, then playing music can also be made as simple as that with the help of Alphabet Soup.
  • It is also a DJ mixer. You can create loops, pull out musical pieces and create your own composition. The point is that you can do it both professionally and recreationally. This process is carried out by the ‘beat making’ application in Alphabet Soup.
  • If music happens to be your passion, then Alphabet Soup would be your best companion. Because you can upload music in any format but what is so great about it. It gets better as you read. You can upload any music files in any format and play them all simultaneously. You were not expecting it, were you?
  • Upload any kind of music, be it hits, beats or songs either in pieces or the whole file, you can combine them all and play it simultaneously. Your software is so efficiently designed that it can merge the functions of one application and a music player application.
  • The number of keyboard windows on the screen doesn’t matter. You can have as many as you want and use them simultaneously. This means Alphabet Soup can do multitasking and still listen to the multiple point commands of the user.
  • The user can control the volume and the stereo sound for every sound. The sounds can be loaded to the keyboard, and they can be increased and decreased with a single control point.
  • You need not have to be digitally smart to work with Alphabet Soup, as it has a simple and friendly interface. The software is available for free download on the developer’s website. Just give it a try and see for yourself the versatility of the software.

Things that you Didn’t Know about the PB&J Concert Series

PB&J Concert Series

There are a lot of events that happen across the globe every single day. When an event takes place, not all good things come together, something or the other messes up. The City of Kenosha is, however, an exception to it. A great source to keep the people updated about the event, the right kind of performers to entertain and the best ambiance to enjoy it. This is what is catered by the trio that comprises of The City of Kenosha, PB&J concert and Happenings Magazine. Let’s get to something more about them.

PB&J Concert Series

The City Of Kenosha and PB&J concert series:

  • PB&J concert, as they are globally known, is the abbreviated form of Peanut Butter and Jam Concert Series. PB&J is a concert series that takes place in the city of Kenosha. The city of Kenosha is located on the shore of Lake Michigan.
  • The Kenosha shoreline is a mini city. It offers almost all features such as spas, beaches, parks, events and festival places. One among them the events is the PB&J concert series.
  • PB&J organizes a series of musical performances. Their choice of songs for performing on stage is not specific. They randomly pick any song of any era and perform it for the visitors of the City of Kenosha. Though you will have to pay to enjoy the events, you are freely admitted into the City of Kenosha.
  • These performances usually happen during the summer vacation. One among these summer band performances is the PB&J concert series. These summer band performances are usually put on the American Legion band, but comparatively, PB&J has better followers. Since there is a warm welcoming for the PB&J concerts, they are performed as series almost all throughout the year.
  • The city of Kenosha collaborates with a magazine brand called ‘Happenings’ to fund the event. The organizers of the event at the city of Kenosha list the event and it globally with the help of Happenings magazine. There is a little that you might to know about this Happenings Magazine.
  • The city of Kenosha is not a private property. It is taken care by the local authorities, in most cases by the mayor of the city.

Happenings Magazine:

  • Happenings Magazine comes as a monthly publication that lists the major events that are happening across the globe. This magazine has been around since 1969. It also talks about various tourism, travel, and spots that have a major tourist attraction.
  • Happenings Magazine is an event calendar. It assists you in deciding the places you would like to go on a tour or the events that you might love to visit. You can also easily keep track of them.
  • The Happenings magazine is also available in the digital format. The best part is you need not have to install or download any software. This digital format is made available to enhance the reading experience.

Now that you know when, where and how, never forget to block few passes to enjoy the PB&J concerts at the City of Kenosha

The Top 3 Drummers Ever!


A drummer is a percussionist who can create music with drums. You can have ensemble well-trained instrumentalists and experienced musicians in your band, but one can create the impact that a drummer can create. The role of a drum can form the base part of the music, while your pianos and guitars take it to the next level. But remember the roof cannot stand alone without the basement. The liking for guitars and pianos have risen so much so that we do not even realize the importance of knowing the role of a drummer in a troop. If the drums go wrong, the whole piece of music will find its way to the trash.

None of us, except a very few, are attracted to drummers, like we are to the other instrumentalists. The greatest musical works of the history wouldn’t have been possible without the role of drummers. Rock, pop, Jazz, R&B and many other types of music will never get close to perfection without the role of drums in it.  So here we are listing the top 3 drummers ever in history.


Top three drummers ever!

John Bonham:

Nicknamed as Bonzo, John Bonham is celebrated as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. He is still a great source of inspiration for all the young talents who aspire to become great musicians. He showcased great ability in playing drums at a tender age of 5. He would transform any household article into an instrument and run around playing music. He became a part of the rock band Led Zeppelin in the year 1968 and rest as they say is history.

Neal Peart:

Neal Peart is a Canadian-American musician who was known for his work as a drummer and a primary lyricist for the rock band Rush. He received numerous accolades and rewards for his musical performances. However, the biggest of all was his induction into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, in the year 1983. A Rush concert is never complete without Neal Peart’s participation.

Keith Moon:

Keith Moon was widely acclaimed as one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock. He lived during the mid-1900s. It was during his period in which the drums went beyond the point of a mere supporting instrument to an instrument of better significance. He was quite different when compared to the drummers of his era. He was a part of an English Rock Band The Who. His styles are still praised by critics and musicians alike.

With no doubt, we can call drummers the backbone of their bands.

All that you have to know about the Use of Apple Loops in Music

Apple Loops

Loops are pre-recorded musical pieces that can be quickly used to add effects to a base music. Loops are applications that help you add beauty and better effects to an existing piece of music, or you can totally make a new composition with the samples that are available in the app. All loops are elastic in nature that is you can use them to fill any amount of time. Once the app is installed into a project, it automatically matches the project tempo and key, reducing the burden of the user.

A large variety of genres, instruments, and moods are available in the app. You can pick the desired one by walking through the app browser. This means that you do not need a large setup to compose music or a lot of artists, you can do it all by yourself. All you need is passion towards music and a lot of creativity. Using one of the Apple loops you can create professional music.

Apple Loops

Role of Apple loops in Music:

  • The best part of these apps is that they are designed for the on the go users. So you can simply do anything, anywhere, anytime.
  • Of course, you cannot compose a whole Beethoven symphony using these apps. But you can design a trial version of how a Beethoven symphony would be using the features available in these apps. You can jam the musicals components present in the database of the app and just turn the imaginary musical piece into reality.
  • You can do a lot of things beginning from simple to complex ones. It all depends on how well you get to use these apps.
  • There are two types of Apple loops. They are Audio Apple loops and Software Instrument apple loops. In the first type, you can add audio files and edit them and add effects while using the latter one you can add software music loops and edit like the other MIDI regions.
  • By increasing the use of all possible samples and other add-ons available on the app, you can personalize the software. Once you have personalized the software, you can optimally use the features of the software and create better music.
  • But remember to use it creatively, because there are non-creative ways of using an app, spoiling time and money. If you are falling into the same category, you better watch out or simply get rid of the software.

Have fun. Make noise.

You do not have to be a digital audio expert to use Alphabet Soup. Use Alphabet Soup to play sound files including AIFF, SND/AU, WAV, or MP3 formats by pressing keys on your computers keyboard. Alphabet Soup will play both Mono and Stereo, 16 and 24 bit audio files at sampling rates up to 48khz.

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